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We are currently expanding our range of ‘How To..’ books which explain mechanisms and making automata, for those interested in how these things are made! Postage costs are additional and depend on where you are… we can advise!

Available products

Making Mechanical Models by Chris and Angela Margett

Written by us this little book explains how we build our models. With sections on cams, levers and pulleys, drive systems and gears, and much more! With detailed drawings, exploded diagrams and photographs showing how mechanisms work and how we use them in our models. Compatible with the National Curriculum and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics)


Automata for Beginners by Sarah Reast

Detailed descriptions, drawings and photographs explaining how to build your own mechanisms and moving models. With tips and tricks on tools, materials, design ideas, mechanisms and construction techniques. Everything you need to start building your own automata. Spiral bound.

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